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This idea of cryptocurrency only focusing on replacing fiat is an extreme. Many projects are here to coexist with fiat with focus around supply chain, platforms, and more. We’ve had the opportunity to speak directly with alt coin teams to learn about the projects on a deeper level. From questions regarding community engagement to the actual tech behind the coin, we cover it all. At Shill School, we take extra steps to provide a simplistic review of the companies goals.

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Joining the crypto community in 2017, we‘ve noticed that there is a lack of information and research in regards to specific blockchain projects. With most data surrounding the big 3, BTC, ETH, LTC, there’s limited shared knowledge regarding Alt coins (Alternative to Bitcoin). 

Shill School was created to assist all investors with cryptocurrency and blockchain knowledge. From project reviews, analyzing and summarizing the new coins on the block, to direct interviews with the creators, we are the mecca of cryptocurrency research. 

We believe in freedom of knowledge, helping others, and doing our due diligence, to add value within the cryptocurrency community. All articles and interviews are strategically shared across all social media platforms to maximize impressions and engagement. As early adopters in this technology, it’s our duty to spread the virus.

Blockchain Specialist

The Creator: @10xRob

Our mission is to grow the crypto community through positive energy and free content to fullfill the name “The Mecca of Cryptocurrency Research”.

Rob is a cryptocurrency enthusiast who joined the community in 2017 when an acquaintance told him about $LTC at $15. Since then, he’s hit 2 10x’s (XRP & TRX) and has been borderline addicted to growing his knowledge in the space. In 2018, he was listed as an “expert” reviewer on - the top cryptocurrency ICO rating site. During the day, he works at a top financial firm and during nights and weekends, he’s full time crypto through gem hunting and community building.

As the Founder and main Content Creator, he’s well connected with many CEO’s and Founders in the blockchain world. Rob took on his first advisory role with Sportie, a decentralized sports betting token, which is currently in early ICO stages.


Reviews are not endorsements or financial advice of any kind. Always do your own research before investing.



With all these new coins on the block, we try are best to capture the intent and goals of these projects. Rob is an “Expert” on, and uses Shill School as a platform to further explain the reasonings behind the ratings.


Our main focus is to create amazing content, and we take due diligence to the next level by working with the projects directly. We had the opportunity to run interviews with many leading projects in the cryptocurrency space, and will continue to release in-depth literature.    


After deep analysis, Shill School releases summaries written in layman terms for all levels of blockchain aficionados to understand. We will highlight the goals of these projects, the team and their background, and any comparing projects within the crypto space. 


Shill: A person engaged in covert advertising. The shill attempts to spread buzz by personally endorsing the product in public forums with the pretense of sincerity, when in fact he is being paid for his services.

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